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Girls of Holes

3 May 21

In this erotic game you will be playing against not one and not even two but six (!) Hot ladies which will be trying to hide in six holes all over the playing field and which you are obviously will need to"catch" every time they will demonstrate up for a very petite period of time. You wil be doing it by swiping the constantly moving ball in certain directions so will it be either the precisious trajectory counting or simply any chance but sooner or afterwards you will get one of the femmes and you will get your reward from her which as you have most likely already guessed is going to be quite hot and exicting striptease dance! Each of these models will have two unwrap degrees so you will need to catch each model twice to be able to reveal all of their magnificent talents!


27 April 21

This is a story about two girlfriends who are not only very close to each other but also intending to get closer with many people they will meet during the story. The game is made in visual novel genre with multiple choices that you will be making from the face of one of main heroines so you will need to choose one and even to think out some name for her which obviously will make the story more private. Also the decisions that you will be creating will send the story at one or another direction so the amount of fun will depend on how good you are at understanding other chracaters and finding the ways to interact with them. Well drawn graphics, plenty of sexy scenes, humor and choices with consequenses - this is what this game is about!


29 April 21

This is a story about not so young and quite succesfull boy who is still having troubles with conversating with people. To be more specific he is having issues in dialogue to get what he wants and in order to fix this situation he is goung to use the very special services of madam Sue. Get through the collection of dilaogs along with her making and loosing mood points with asking correct and wrong questions and find out where this will bring you in the end. The ultimate purpose is not only to talk prettily but to entice madam Sue because only after that you can consider yoruself as a winner... and to play few sexy minigames with this gorgeous bombshell ofcourse! All of this is a game by"pm of fire" series and more of them you can always see on our website.

My Last Year

18 June 22

This is going to be the last year at Greenstone's University for the main protagonist of our story. And the student isn't going to allow it to go unnoticed! Now it's up to you to jump involved in the most exciting and thrilling activities which you will only be able to find! But be aware that in addition to the sex and partying, you might discover some mystery and secrets that this city kept to protect to protect...

Beloved Mad Scientist Elana

19 March 23

This game is absolutely crazy with crazy characters, crazy gameplay and an insane art style! The story follows a tranquil village that turns out to be anything but peaceful once you meet Elana Extra busty elf with two passions in her life both sex and science! She is now planning to use both to the people... which is why it's why is it thatat some point she will need to construct a defense line from the waves of horny villager!

Astrid Training | TLB

7 April 21

Another interactive online game takes you into a world full of violence and orgies. Only those capable of these will be able to succeed in their adventures. To find out more, you must first play the original game that you can see on our site. The game tells the tale of Astrid (an eleven-year-old girl who is a slave). This may result in her losing powerful and even bdsm meetings in the smallest degree hours of the night. However, she will assume more about the world around her and the ways she will use it for escape. You don't want to hear any more. If you are curious, you can just start participating. Let's get together now.

Hentai Diaries

3 May 21

"Hentai Diaries" is really a personal adventure through which you're likely to fulfill a good deal of characters representing certain kinds of anime and hentai kinds and pretty much with all these you will find the opportunity to construct freindly, intimate and even romantic relationships. Just research places of a fresh college in which you've been transferred recently and find out exactly what the characters you will meet you might be interested in so that you can later use it so as to produce the freidnship meter (it'll be displayed on the right side of game display during conversation moments) increasing in size increasingly until you'll finally reach what you've come here in the first area - hentai moments! Writers even assert a few lezzie and orgy chances but the way to get them is up to you.

The Black Tower Spirit

25 April 21

"The Black Tower Spirit", a minigame that is themed around hentai, has one purpose - to introduce another persona from "The Legend of Lust". You can be certain that she will look hot and just as slutty as anyone else playing the game, even though she's new! She will use her doggy-style posture to amaze you and make you want to play the entire game. You can also enjoy the simple minigame, clicking through all the possible sex scenes.

Plasma's Galactic Adventures

22 April 21

Space - the final frontier... etc, so forth - probably you understand this intro address even better than people do. However, what would you consider incorporating into mining of space some enlivenment? You consent to conserve princesses for thanks but for a lot? Then you're ready to turn into Kirk Plasma - that the adventurer who's making his route thru galaxies, place his feet and other figure parts onto the planets where anything could happen but (with some help from the participant's side) occurs just something really great like rescuing sexy princess out of a world so far away that nobody will prevent her from fulfilling her hero at the manners that neither princess should. What, you already starting to feel this is the type of experiences? Hit the play button and jump in!

Lust Bringer

10 December 22

2 well-known retired desire bringers, that have actually because become right stuff of tale, are brought out of retired life by their old teacher and boss. She brings with her a girl called Nere, that originates from an affluent family and is believed to be the following excellent desire bringer. In order to make this a reality, she requires the competence of both retired desire bringers, that have actually been asked to tutor her in the old art of desire taking. Therefore the video game starts, with an amazing RPG component that allows gamers to explore the globes of both the retired desire bringers and the young Nere, as well as amazing sexy computer animations and illustrations that bring the whole video game to life. With an engaging story, comprehensive personalities, and lovely visuals, this video game is certain to offer hrs of enjoyable and home entertainment.

Maeve's Academy

21 November 22

The school academy has many fascinating things, and the protagonist decides to join it to seduce every girl. You must assist him in solving some of his problems. You will need to help him manage people. There are two classes at the academy, 1st Class and 2nd. You must be a member of the class 1 girls ifyou do not want to be accepted to the academy. You will need to share a room with all girls to be admitted into the 1st Grade. Here's a game that you could play. Everything is up to you.

Barely Working

21 September 22

This game concerns a secretary who is allowed to do her job. You must stimulate her to make her more productive. Fucking and undressing included. She has two choices at the moment: she can have sex in the bathroom or at the office. She will be undressing in the bathroom while she'll be having sex in the office. Optional undressing is also available. Each level has a different end. It is easy to play and doesn't require any concentration or attention. To make her change, you just need to press the buttons.

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